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I’ve written quite a lot.  Poetry, awkward fiction, less-awkward early journalistic attempts, as well as corporate training/technical bits and pieces, and just a bit of marketing copy for the hotel industry. I’ve delivered pizzas. I’ve been a dog trainer. I’ve also been unable to get words on a page, for much longer than I’d like.  Enough, already!  I’d like to thank Amanda Palmer, Ksenia Anske and Michael Gruber, among others, for inspiring me to begin, literally, this new chapter in my life.

What can you expect, here?  It’s probably too early to know.  I’ll do my best to entertain you, make you think, inform you.  A major goal is to share my feelings here, as that’s a challenge for me.

Right now my stomach is knotted, my shoulders tense. Will you like me?  I hope so.  Should I care?  About halfway; it depends upon who you are.  I hope we get along and have good conversations.  Constructive Comments, of course, are welcome!

Make yourself at home.  The chairs are comfy, and this isn’t a theatre, so you don’t have to hide those snacks in your purse.  You will  be cleaning-up your own spills, though!